Thursday, 21 January 2010

Reunion: Durban (South Africa)

Prop Geldenhuys Writes:-

I was at the German Club (ex-Shamwari/German) where the SAS Regiment was having their meeting. Herewith some pics which I am sure some of the ORAFs readers would enjoy.

Tol Janeke - Prop Geldenhuys - Hugh Slatter - Harold Griffiths (Griff)

SAS tee-shirts with the message

Griff in discussion with Graham Wilson - GCV SCR BCR
GCV (Grand Cross for Valour ,Rhodesia) - SCR (Silver Cross of Rhodesia
BCR (Bronze Cross of Rhodesia)

Hugh Slatter in discussion with George Galbriath

Tol Janeke was 11 SSU (Short Service Unit)
Harrold Griffiths was 15 PTC (Pilot Training Course)
Hugh Slatter and Prop Geldenhuys were 16 PTC
Graham Wilson and George Galbraith were SAS (Special Air Service)

Thanks to Prop Geldenhuys for sharing his photos and memories with ORAFs.



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