Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Air Force Reunions in April - May 2010

A "All Forces Bash" was held at the Dickie Fritz Shellhole in Edenvale on May 8, 2010 and a number of former air force families attended.

Roland Charles has made this photo available to ORAFs for distribution. Thanks Roland.

All Forces Bash
Roland Charles (15 LAR) - Ken Jackman (D.E.) - Rob Sweeting (28 LAR) Chris Shewell (D.E.) - Charlie Gibbon (D.E.) Dave Whalley (D.E.) Fyn Marcussen (11 LAR)

D.E. = Direct Entry.
Dave Whalley was a Supplier leaving at the break-up of the Federation.

Previously but on the other side of the pond Nigel Lamb was in Perth participating in the Red Bull Air Race. Geoff and Aldene Oborne wrote:-

"Nige Lamb came to stay with us during the Red Bull Air race in Perth. He was stuck in Perth after the race because of the volcano in Iceland, so we had the pleasure of his company for four extra days."

Nig Lamb in Oz
Nigel - Aldene - Geoff

Many thanks to Roland, Geoff and Aldene for sharing their photos with ORAFs.


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