Saturday, 23 January 2010

Reunion: New Zealand

John Pringle Writes:-
Greetings from New Zealand! Sunday 15 November, 2009 saw a gathering of ORAFs at “The Lookout” in Kennedy park on Auckland’s North Shore. The venue is part of an historic WWII defensive installation that has been carefully restored by the local council. Having declared ourselves to be an organization of elderly ex-military comrades, we get to hire the facilities at peppercorn rates!

In spite of some cancellations due to work demands and some rather grey weather, twelve of us (augmented by the Mawhinney extended family) had a very happy day. Plenty beer flowed, lots of rolls of "wors" cremated, and many stories were told.

The weather managed to clear sufficiently for the obligatory group photo, so from left to right:

John (23 PTC) and Moya Michalakis, Dennis (16 LAR) and Marilyn Eltringham, Jane and Blake(18 PTC) Few, Bob (17LAR) and Jan Hattle,
Bernie and John (11 LAR) Pringle, Pat and Dennis (26 LAR) Mawhinney.

Thanks to John Pringle for sharing his photo and memories with ORAFs.

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