Sunday, 30 May 2010

Hippy Birthday Party

Ken Jackman, turned 65 on the 29 May, and a few of Ken's air force friends joined him to celebrate the occasion.

Ken as a youngster

Ken at 65

The Woodstock Boys
Rob "The Nest" Sweeting - Roland "The Baldy" Charles - Peter "Nitro Watson and
Ken "On Cloud Nine Jackman

Elaine "Honolulu" & Rob "The Nest" Sweeting, Wendy "Peace my Man" & Roland "The Bald One" Charles, Joan "Of Arc" & Pete "Nitro Watson, Vee "Blue Eyes & Ken "Still on Cloud 9" Jackman

A Big Birthday Cake for a Big and Great Guy
Happy Birthday Ken from all of ORAFs.

Ken's son also celebrated his 40th on the same day as Ken. Best Wishes to him

Thanks to Roland Charles for sharing these photos and memories with us all.


At 31 May 2010 at 15:35 , Blogger Rhodesia Remembered said...

Rusty Theobald Writes:-

I also saw your faux pas and wrote you an email. Then I received your ORAFS Newsletter and saw that I had been pipped at the post by Roland.
Even so you may as well have the email and here tis:-

Thank you Eddy for letting out the nitty gritty of Ken Jackman, 65 years old and his son is 50, which means that Ken was a man of the world at the age of 14. Thinking back I trusted Ken, when he was a Drill Instructor, with my innocent TF son Kent (18).
The photographs look like they are still all fun people. Ken would have made a lovely squaw in one of John Wayne films.


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