Sunday, 24 March 2013

Wally and Tich Wallace in New Zealand

By John Pringle (RhAF)

Last evening, March 23,  there was a small but very happy gathering of ORAFs in Auckland, to say hello to Tich and Wally Wallace from Scotland. They were here ostensibly to visit their son and grandkids but we all knew they were actually escaping the kilt-curdling Scottish weather! The fine Auckland weather encouraged an outdoor evening at Bernie and JP Pringle’s home.

 The photograph below, was taken by Prop Geldenhuis (thanks, Prop) which explains his absence.

In the foreground are Dennis and Patricia Mawhinney, hogging the limelight. From left and going round the table, we have:
Gordon (Rocky) Rutters, Maureen Rutters, Stu McColl (Prop’s brother-in-law, TF radio and Rhodesian TV engineer), Dee McColl (Prop’s sister), Rina Geldenhuis, Tich Wallace, JP, Bernie Pringle and Wally Wallace.

Wally, Rina Geldenhuis, Prop, terribly serious but at least Rina is smiling...

 Wally, pointing to his shoes (I think), Rina, Prop, Dee, Stu and rear/side views of Tich Wallace and Bernie Pringle.

Rocky and Maureen Rutters with Wally Wallace extolling the virtues of NZ beer

    Dennis Mawhinney, Wally, JP, Patricia Mawhinney (sorry, another rear view..) Bernie Pringle, Prop, Rocky Rutters,
Tich Wallace.


Thanks John for sharing your photographs and memories with ORAFs, thanks also to Prop for the use of his photograph.
We sincerely hope that Wally and Tich had a wonderful holiday.

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