Monday, 24 December 2012

AFA (Cape) Christmas Dinner 2012

The Christmas dinner was held at "Tony' Hideaway" on Saturday, 15th December.

The main meal being a 'sheep on a spit', salads and delicious desserts and more importantly the company of those that we had served together which resulted, as per normal, in a lot of leg pulling and good fun.

One of the highlights of the evening was that Ken de Goveia arranged for a barman, Raymond, from the Cape to Cuba Restaurant to look after the thirsty. Raymond was kept busy making cocktails and other drinks. Raymond hails from Umtali.

Trisha and I along with daughter Denise (out from Canada) attended 

Tony Cowell and André Sely provided the photographs, not in any order, and apologies for any errors with names.

The AFA (Cape) Special Red Wine

Back of Johnny Ness - Roger Watt - Back of Dawn Watt - Penny ("Blondie") Ness and Dick Randall

Tokklie (Rose in the middle) and the Honeywill twins

Eddy Norris - Ken de Goveia

Cath and Dennis Croukamp - Tess du Toit - Ernie and Mrs. de Goveia - Denise Taylor

Marlene Micklewood - Shirley Simpson - Unknown - Brian Daykin - Allan Ferguson - Geoff Simpson 
Dezi Ferguson - Mrs. Kavanagh - Pam Cowell

John Bulpitt - Mark Jackson - Mrs. Bulpitt

Mrs. Bullpitt -John Bulpitt - Rich Palmer - Johnny Ness - Tokkie and I think Conrad Honeywill

Mrs de Goveia - Ken de Goveia  Tess du Toit - Marlene Micklewood - Trisha Norris - Denise Taylor
Pete Micklewwood - Kath and Dennis Croukamp - Ernie de Goveia.

Other table
Dick Randall - Eddy (hard of hearing) Norris and one of the Honeywill boys.

Geoff (with the finger) Simpson - Allan and Dezi Ferguson - Mrs and Paddy Kavanagh

Backs of Allan and Dezi Ferguson - Mrs. and Paddy  Kavanagh - Tony Cowell - Shirley Simpson
Unknown - Brian Daykin

Shirley Simpson - Marlene and Pete Micklewood - Tannie and Richard Palmer and Tony Cowell

Unknown - Dezi Ferguson - Mrs. and Paddy  Kavanagh - Pam Cowell

Cathy and Denise Croukamp

Tokkie Honeywill - John Bulpitt - Rich Palmer

Roger and Dawn Watt - Dick and Caretha Randall - Back of one of the Honeywill boys.

Pam Cowell - Shirley Simpson - Mrs.  Kavanagh


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Ref. Rhodesian Air Force, ORAFs

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