Thursday, 15 November 2012

Bertie May`s Visits to South Africa - November 2012

By Ken Turner

We had a Braai at my place in Boksburg over a few drinks. Bert was on the hard stuff ( Water ) but still behaves the same, giving every one hugs and full of nonsense.

A good day was had by all.

Left to right Betty Chard, Yvonne De kock, Pam Milne
 (Getting hugs from Bertie ) and Jean Mc Murdo.
Back row. Ted Barnard, Roland Charles, Ryk de Kock, Ken Turner, Bertie May.
Front Row. Ken Jackman, Tubby Milne, Clive Chard.
(All members served in the Rhodesian Air Force)


Thanks to Ken for sharing these photographs with ORAFs.

Hoping that Bertie has a wonderful time in the sun and we wish him a safe return.

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Ref. Rhodesian Air Force

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