Thursday, 25 April 2013

Anzac Parade, Auckland New Zealand 2013

By John Pringle

The Rhodesian Forces Association traditionally parade on ANZAC Day, the Antipodes equivalent of Poppy Day. This year we had no less than 50 ex Rhodesian Servicemen on parade and some 80 persons attending our special memorial service after the parade.

The photographs below show:

Your scribe approximately centre, John Michalakis over his right shoulder, and Prop Geledenhuys off to the right.
 The Wreath was laid by Russell Franklin (right). Russell was wounded in action whilst serving with 6 (Independent) Company Rhodesia Regiment in 1977. He has since been totally blind as a result of that injury.
Russell moved his family to New Zealand where he has been a successful computer programmer.
 Blue Jobs this year were: Chuck Osborne, John Michalakis, John Pringle, Hugh Bomford (non-Blue Job, but banner bearer...), Prop Geldenhuys and Stu McColl (TF)


Thanks to John for sharing his photographs with ORAFs.
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