Monday, 6 May 2013

Vic Culpan and Dennis Spence Boeing 737 Conversion Training

By Dennis Spence

For the last six weeks I have been busy with Vic Culpan and his First Officer, Andrew Gunthorp's Boeing 737-200 training. The company he works for, has got the contract to operate a Boeing 737-200, registration ZS-SIT for the Exaro Group with regular service for its employees from Lanseria to Sao Tome.

Comair Training was contracted to do the training, and I happened to be requested by Glen Warden who is the Manager External Training, to do it, as I am instructor rated on the Boeing 737.

Since the simulator is not a level "D" Simulator. ie base training on the aircraft is required, we spent about 1.5 hours doing circuits and landing in the aircraft today at Lanseria, and used about 3600 liters of fuel, costing just under R40000.00.

Since I did most of the simulator training, the base check was done by Glen Warden.

Attached are a few photos of today's sortie, as well as a photo of Vic and I in 1971.
(Try and spot us!!!) 

Vic and I in the cockpit.
From left to right, Vic, Glen Warden. myself and Andrew Gunthorp, with ZS-SIT.
Pilots Training Course (Rhodesian Air Force) - 1971

Dennis is a good guy and therefore he makes it easy for you to identify himself and Vic.

Vic: second row, 3rd from the left, between "Ginger" Baldwin and Pete Simmonds.  Dennis: third row at the far end.

Thanks to Dennis for sharing this information and photographs with ORAFs.

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At 14 May 2013 at 22:25 , Blogger Rhodesia Remembered said...

Hugh Slatter (RhAF) (Writes:-

Really proud of all our pilots who have gone on to make such successes out of careers in flying - well done Dennis and Vic. Since I remember some pretty hairy x-wind landings in the Prov on BFS with you guys, I`m not sure I`ll risk it with you again!! Incidentally, the newest 737 ( 737 MAX ) is the program I`m working for GE/CFM with BOEING - great fun, and it`s going to be another really good 737.

Best wishes,


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