Monday, 30 April 2012

AFA (UK) April 2012 Reunion

By Clive Bloor
The AFA (UK) had its first reunion of 2012 on 28,n April. This is why the May Alpha 1 is a few days late. We wanted to get some of the photos in for you to see.

The reunion was attended by only 23 people, but this is probably due to the rising travel costs and shrinking available finances of most. Had it not been for the lousy weather it is probable a few more would have been able to attend. That said, it was a good event with lots of beer and other alcoholic drinks being consumed, and all the biltong, dry wors and Bombay Potato Fritters being consumed.

Mike McCormack kindly donated a pile of much needed photographs and beer mugs. Terry Eaton donated three air force plaques. Phil Evans (new associate member) made and gave the Viscount to the display to remember those who were murdered Nkomo's terrorists, as well as Ian Smith's Hurricane, a model of the Harvard that used to be housed in one of 4 Sqdn's hangars, a model of the last Spitfire we flew, and a model of our last Tiger Moth (plus a pile of Rhodesian DVDs). All the models are of the highest standard and detail. Marie Haywood made a generous donation of £100 towards our Roll of Honour project. Thanks very much to each of you for the generosity.

Some visitors had never see the 'collection upstairs' and were surprised to see how much there is to see. How many memories coming flooding back.

Vic Wightman's daughter Helen and granddaughter Alice flew into the UK from Johannesburg on Monday 23rd April and he brought them along to meet us at the reunion.

Welcome Helen and Alice and we hope the UK and Europe are kind to you.

UK  AFA, AFA (UK) April 2012
The Men: L-R Front. Mike McCormack, Terry Eaton, Vic Wightman, Eddie Flawn
L-R Back. Rod Packer, Jim Flawn, Phil Evans, Clive (Fred Bloggs) Bloor, Bertie May, Ian Watson, Wally Joyce


Distributed to ORAFs at the request of Clive Bloor of AFA (UK).

Thanks to Clive (AKA Fred Bloggs) for sharing this photo and memories with ORAFs.

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