Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Father and Son

By Bob Manser

This past few weeks I have had the pleasure of the company of Mark Andersen ( Tubby junior) and you can see the similarity between Father and Son so much that I wanted  to call him Tubby.

And1, Mark Andersen in Chimoio

He is here in Chimoio on a few weeks contract laying a very strong 6mm epoxy type floor sealant to the Chimoio's (Mozambique) new abattoir (above) which is huge.  A Jumbo jet would fit inside this complex with no problem.

And2, Mark Andersen in Chimoio

The above photograph shows myself and Mark, and that Mark has carried on in his father’s (see photograph below) tradition and enjoys quaffing a few cold ones .
The local breweries had run out of 2M so we had to drink Manica , like drinking Lion instead of Castle, ugh!.

P.S.     Note  the cigarettes are his, I gave up 30 years  ago.

And3, Mark Andersen in Chimoio

And4, Chimoio Reunion
Damn big abattoir , maybe we will get some decent steak now!

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