Monday, 22 October 2012

RV New Zealand 2012

The annual re-union of Rhodesian Services Association is held in October. This took place on Saturday, 20th October 2012. Then the next day, Sunday 21st October, a brunch was held at the Classic Flyers Museum (Tauranga / Mount Maunganui airport).

With this year being very special because this was the 10th successive RV + special re-dedication and Rolls of Honour for all the Umtali casualties, numbering some 37 members of the 4th (Manicaland) Battalion Rhodesia Regiment – accorded a due place of honour at the New Zealand 6th Hauraki Battalion HQ and Museum in Tauranga, New Zealand

Herewith some photographs from the function.

Ph9, Kiwi RV Oct 2012
Winston Hart - Steve Kesby- Eileen Hartman-Prop and Danny Hartman
(Winston BSAP - Steve RhAF - Danny Army)

Ph7, Kiwi RV Oct 2012
Prop Geldenhuys - Stu McColl-Wally Insch-Dee McColl-Chuck Osborne and Murray Hofmeyr
(Prop RhAF - Stu RhAF - Wally Army - Chuck RhAF and Murray RhAF)

Ph6, Kiwi RV Oct 2012
Prop-Dee McColl - Sue and Chuck Osborne.
Ph8, Kiwi RV Oct 2012
Sue Osborne with Diana and Bryony Bomford.

Ph1, Kiwi RV Oct 2012
Hugh Bomford (Army) with Dee.

Ph4, Kiwi RV Oct 2012
Murray with Stu and Dee McColl.
Ph5, Kiwi RV Oct 2012
Prop and Murray - checking Air Force display.

40 years ago this event took place.

Ph3, Kiwi RV Oct 2012
Hunter Diamond 9

Ph2, Kiwi RV Oct 2012
Pilot for the above formation

Thanks to Prop for sharing his photographs with ORAFs.

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