Tuesday, 11 March 2014


By Louis D. Hartley
Thought that you may be interested in this photograph taken yesterday, Sunday 11th March in Summerland BC. Wally Barton and myself.
Louis and Wally

Managed to spend a couple of happy hours with Wally.

He was in excellent form and spirits, having just returned from a 3 month long visit / trip, spending time with his son Jeremy, near Brisbane Qld.
He was physically fine after that hellava long flight back over the Pacific Ocean from Brisbane to LAX (14 hours coming back over the Intl. date line isn't easy - inc. loss of one day), and then the next leg onwards up north to Vancouver.
I've struggled with the huge time change difference, and Wally is over 90 !

It was nearly a warm BC 'Spring' sunny day (with temps above 12 deg.), maybe this factor had something to do with our good mood !

We spend a few hours enjoying each others company, recalling those times on Wally's farms, first outside Mt. Darwin /Centenary boundary and later on in the Concession area.

Back in the mid 70's in 1 RR, we spent a few nights on Wally's front lawn, added rifles in case of a farmhouse attack.
And then.... when Wally was above us.... on PRAW duty !

Wally's late wife Erica always managed provided us with some freshly cooked farm food, rather than those dreaded Rat packs !

Best wishes to all our friends.,

Thanks to Louis for sharing his memories and photograph with ORAFs.

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