Sunday, 19 January 2014

Frank Tyrrell and Barney Barnard Luncheon

Frank Tyrrell and Barney Barnard catch-up over lunch on Bribie Island (Just north of Brisbane).

Frank and Keith (Barney) in 1974. Both being 32 LAR entrants

We worked it out to be 30 Years plus since we last had a good old chat and carried on like it was yesterday we spoke. 

Barney and Frank 2014 -
"Where have all the hair cells gone?"
Haven't had a good laugh like that in ages. So many stories came flooding back. Going to make sure we don't leave it for another 30 years!

He's even talked me in to getting on to "Face Book". That sort of stuff could get scary!!
I've attached a couple of photographs....... As you can see we've both been in a good paddock for last few years.

Keep safe, take care,
Regards to all ORAFs
Barney Barnard 

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At 22 January 2014 at 13:58 , Blogger Rhodesia Remembered said...

Mark Jackson (RhAF) Writes:-

Those are great photos of Frank and Barney. Next week, the 28th January will be the 40th year anniversary of 32 LAR’s signing up. Time really has flown by. I wonder how many of us are still in aviation. I started my shop in Nelspruit after leaving 7 Sqn and am still there. (Leading Edge Aviation). I’m still in touch with Tom Willows who runs a maintenance facility of his own.
I’m based at Stellenbosch Airfield with my Huey (ZS-HLA) on fire-fighting duty until the 1st May, so anyone who is visiting these parts is please pop in and visit me.
The flying club has good food and plenty of ice-cold draught beer!
I’m here until the 1st May when we fly back to our home base of Nelspruit.
Regards and best wishes to the 32 LAR chaps,


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