Saturday, 28 September 2013

Ash Stober Visit - Cape AFA 27, 2013 Sept Social

By Andé Sely (RhAF)

It was great to see Ash and Helen Stober again, it seemed like only yesterday when we bid them farewell on their Aussie / New Zealand adventures - time flies.

I would like to thank the ladies for their splendid efforts in preparing the salads, potato bake and pasta that went down very well with the nyama (meat) that was delicately prepared by attentive chef's, huddled together around the braai-drum in conversation, with the trusty tongs and chibulies (beer) in hand.
Attached are a few photographs of the occasion.

Insert Photos
Marlene Micklewood - Claire - Ash Stober - Helen Stober - Chrish Warner

Marlene Micklewood - Clair - Helen Stober

Dick Randall 0 Unknown - Rich (Buss Paler) Pete Micklewood

Tony Cowell - Pete Micklewood - Brian Daykin - Mike Dunwell  - Johnny Ness

Thanks to André for sharing the photographs and memories with ORAFs.

We trust that the Stobers had an awesome time back home in Cape Town and we wish them a safe trip back to Australia.

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