Sunday, 10 November 2013

ORAFs Gathering in Auckland - November 2013

By John Pringle (RhAF)

Once again the spirit of Harvey Quail served us well and we had fine sunny weather for our annual gathering of Kiwi ORAFs.
Some steak and the odd length of boerewors was cremated, a drop of beer was quaffed and a few stories told. Old acquaintances were renewed and we had our usual happy gathering.

It says something for the itinerant nature of ORAFs, because both Prop Geldenhuys and Denis Eltringham turned up in campervans!

Marylin Eltringham took fright at the gathering; she declared herself to be the only Kiwi present and scarpered, taking their dog for a walk...

We had a few non-blue guests, Debbie Needham, her daughter and grand-daughter. Debbie is an ex-Zim and relatively new to new Zealand. She obligingly took the attached picture.

From left to right:
Prop and Rina Geldenhuis
Ashley Stober and Helen Nobel
Dennis and Patricia Mawhinney
JP and Bernie Pringle
Denis Eltringham
Pete and Viv Jameson
Stu and Dee McColl
John and Moya Michalakis


Thanks to JP  for sharing the photographs and memories with ORAFs.

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