Monday, 26 July 2010

"The Famous Five" Jam Stealers

I served in the Rhodesian Air Force from 1968 to 1980. During this period I started off with a five year stint at New Sarum then May 1973 I was, thankfully, posted to Thornhill commonly known as the Southern Air Force. I was posted back to New Sarum (shame) in May 1978 into Provisioning and Stock Control Office (PSCO)

I had the great privilege of working with some great guys, most where bloody naughty, some being good sportsman. I would like to share with you a photo of some of these guys. Other than Walter George Joyce I worked with these blokes at both Sarum and Thornhill and the great enjoyment for me was having these blokes with me when I was promoted to WO1. Originally it was frightening having them with you but they proved very fine friends and we continue to correspond with each other after all these years.

Photo 2
Alan (Sgt) Readings - Colin (Gonzo) Steven - Jerry Tasker - Wally Joyce (Walter George) and
Dave (Rommel- Square head) Rowley.

Why no nick name for Jerry - believe you me, don't muck with him, his a mean mother!.

Looking at the photo, I notice Alan, Colin still playing marbles, Wally playing with two hands, so he must have gons, Jerry standing as good airman should and I suspect Dave is trying to hide his beer behind his back?
Spot Wally still wearing his "Vellies"

Thanks to Gonzo for the photo and hoping some of the other Jam stealers send in their faces

Some may wonder where the term "Jam Stealers" came from? All Stores staff were Suppliers on attesting, but the more acceptable and trusted they became to the Technicians they became Jam Stealers. A term of endearment. Those five your looking at were all and still are Jam Stealers

Believe this photo was taken at the AFA (UK) annual get-together in 2009

Sgt, Gonzo, Jerry, Walter George and Rommel - thank you for your friendship.

Eddy Norris


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