Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Visit to the RLI Museum by V.I.P's

British parliament members visit the RLI Museum in April, 2010

VIP  Arrival
Bob Ainsworth the secretary for Defence and Patrick Hall our local Labour MP arriving

VIP's Signing the Visitors Book
VIP's signing the Visitors Book

Visit to the RLI Museum by BoB
VIP's viewing some of the display items

Thanks to Martyn Hudson for sharing his memories and photos with ORAFs.


Monday, 26 April 2010

Kiwi "Brew Up"

John Graham Writes:-

We had a bit of a get together on 7 April, 2010.
Iain and Vera (Bourne) ex UGHS had dinner with us along with Danny & Eileen Hartman and Wolf and Alison Hucke. It was a good SAS catch-up, as Wolf and Iain hadn’t seen each other since 1979. Iain and Vera had just been to an air show in the South Island, “Wings over Wanaka” and were on their way back to Queensland in Australia

Kiwi Brew Up April 2010
Danny Hartman - Wolf Hucke - John Graham and Iain Bowen

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Hobsonville Anzac Parade

April 2010

John Pringle Writes

Four Blue Jobs were part of a contingent of some sixty members of the Rhodesian Forces Association at the Hobsonville RSA, Auckland (New Zealand) for the traditional ANZAC Day parade.

RSA is the Returned Servicemen's Association, the DownUnder equivalent of the MOTHs and ANZAC stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corps. ANZAC Day is our equivalent of Poppy Day.

The photos are:

Anzac Day Parade in New Zealand 2010
Forming up behind the banner. Hugh Bomford doing the honours, while the Blue Jobs
were down
at the back, with the rabble!

Anzac Day Parade in New Zealand 2010
Forming up and attempting some resemblance of military order are
L to R: John Pringle, Blake Few, unknown Brown, unknown Brown and John Michalakis.

Anzac Day Parade in New Zealand 2010
After the service. L to R, Blake Few, John Michalakis, Hugh Bomford partly obscured
by his banner, Chuck Osborne and John Pringle.

Thanks to John Pringle for sharing his photos and memories with ORAFs,
HTML clipboardLinks detailed above are to the New Zealand Association.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Gauteng ORAFs Social

From Reunions of the Rhodesian Forces
Back left to right - John Baard; Clive Chard; Steve Russell; Clive Dutton;
Steve Prophet;
Front – Pat Galleymore; Fyn Marcussen; Roland Charles; Frans Fyfer; Ken Jackman;
Rob Sweeting.
Kneeling – Tom Crook.

Social was held at the Dickie Fritz Shellhole in Edenvale, in Gauteng, South Africa on
9 April, 2010

Photo made available by Pat Galleymore. Thanks Pat


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Sarge (Ian) and Tarryn Light Wedding

Debbie Jenkins (nee Light) Writes:-

Ian Light (Sarge) and Tarryn Johnson got married on 20th March 2010 at Backsberg wine estate in Paarl, South Africa

Ian & Tarryn Light Wedding

Sarge - Tarryn and Jim

Congratulations to Sarge, Tarryn, Jim, Debbie and also the rest of the family.
HTML clipThanks to Debbie for sharing this special memory with ORAFs