Sunday, 30 May 2010

Hippy Birthday Party

Ken Jackman, turned 65 on the 29 May, and a few of Ken's air force friends joined him to celebrate the occasion.

Ken as a youngster

Ken at 65

The Woodstock Boys
Rob "The Nest" Sweeting - Roland "The Baldy" Charles - Peter "Nitro Watson and
Ken "On Cloud Nine Jackman

Elaine "Honolulu" & Rob "The Nest" Sweeting, Wendy "Peace my Man" & Roland "The Bald One" Charles, Joan "Of Arc" & Pete "Nitro Watson, Vee "Blue Eyes & Ken "Still on Cloud 9" Jackman

A Big Birthday Cake for a Big and Great Guy
Happy Birthday Ken from all of ORAFs.

Ken's son also celebrated his 40th on the same day as Ken. Best Wishes to him

Thanks to Roland Charles for sharing these photos and memories with us all.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Air Force Reunions in April - May 2010

A "All Forces Bash" was held at the Dickie Fritz Shellhole in Edenvale on May 8, 2010 and a number of former air force families attended.

Roland Charles has made this photo available to ORAFs for distribution. Thanks Roland.

All Forces Bash
Roland Charles (15 LAR) - Ken Jackman (D.E.) - Rob Sweeting (28 LAR) Chris Shewell (D.E.) - Charlie Gibbon (D.E.) Dave Whalley (D.E.) Fyn Marcussen (11 LAR)

D.E. = Direct Entry.
Dave Whalley was a Supplier leaving at the break-up of the Federation.

Previously but on the other side of the pond Nigel Lamb was in Perth participating in the Red Bull Air Race. Geoff and Aldene Oborne wrote:-

"Nige Lamb came to stay with us during the Red Bull Air race in Perth. He was stuck in Perth after the race because of the volcano in Iceland, so we had the pleasure of his company for four extra days."

Nig Lamb in Oz
Nigel - Aldene - Geoff

Many thanks to Roland, Geoff and Aldene for sharing their photos with ORAFs.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Rusty & Shirley Theobald Golden Anniversary

Rusty and Shirley Theobald celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on January 30, 2010, in England..

Photo of the golden couple, holding cards from daughter Sarah and son Kent.

On the 4th May, 2010 Rusty wrote:-

Yes, Shirley and I have hit the 50 mark and we had planned for a quiet dinner party in the local very posh International Hotel. My Best-man and his wife Mary were invited, so with the four Theobalds there would be six of us.

The new International Hotel has been built on the site of the old Aldershot Officer's Club, retaining the 1850 Victorian pub and bar in it's original condition. But things do not always work out as planned.

Kent and Sarah had other secret ideas and had invited 58 people to lunch at our house.
In the attachments is a photo of the 14 Rhodies who attended together with a list of their names. I got my own back; I sent the pair of them to their beds that night with no dinner.

From Reunions of the Rhodesian Forces
The 14 Rhodies at the Golden Wedding Anniversary

Back Row: Dennis Read (Best man RRAF Electrician), Rusty Theobald, Bill Munday (RAF Radar), Shirley Theobald, Barry (Airframes) and Paddy Whiteley, Jane Chalmers, Garry (M.T. Fitter) and Vi Jones,

Front Row: Kent Theobald (ComCen), Terry Bennett (Navigator), Tom Chalmers (Instruments)

Missing from the shot - Sarah Theobald was behind the camera, and Jacqueline Jones was AWOL at the time.

Sincere thanks to Rusty for sharing this special day with us all.