Monday, 29 October 2012

Natal AFA Braai

By Peter Woolcock

Sunday, October 29, 2012 we got together at the Natal Mounted Rifles (NMR) braai area to welcome Terry (T the B) Bennett on another of his ABF visits to Natal.

 Those present were Johnny & Noleen Green, Dave & Joan Stone, Mike & Yvonne Ongers, Steve (Lofty) & Norma Hughes, Pat Lockhart, Neville Mare, Jacqui Kirrane, Pete & Ellie Woolcock, Eddie & Jill de Beer and guest of honour Ozzie Penton.

Ph1, Terry Bennett in Duebab Oct 2012

Everyone had fun catching up on all the latest news and Ozzie enjoyed all the attention, company and chatting with "all his mates"

Ozzie is pretty frail, has to walk with a zimmer and is pretty forgetful but chatted with everyone and enjoyed a couple of beers. Unfortunately there is no change to Junes condition and she cannot speak but Ozzie says that she can hear all that is said to her.

Ian & Shaina Doig couldn't come as they had to look after Dave Doig who had just come out of hospital having had internal blockages cleared. Get well soon Dave.


Pete Wooli


AFA = Air Forces' Association.

Thanks to Pete for sharing this news and his photograph with ORAFs.

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