Monday, 5 August 2013

AFA (Cape) August 2013 Social

 By AndrĂ© Sely (RhAF)

It's good to be back in SA again, after a long spell in Harare attending to family needs.

I forgot to mention last night that it was international beer day, but I think we did justice to the art of drinking, as the beers and red wine flowed freely.

 Attached are some photographs of the occasion enjoyed by all with perfect weather to boot, days temps well into the twenties, somewhat unseasonal, but very welcome.
Jeff Simpson - Pete Micklewood - Tony Cowell ( Inn Keeper)
Carol Lawrence Penny Kobus (tame slope) John Bulpit
Roger Watt - Greg Todd Dicks friend Dick Randall
Denis Croukcamp - Tess Du Toit - Pete Gunning - Mrs. Cawcuit - Dennis Cawcuit -Johnny Ness (inn Keeper)

Thanks to André for sharing his photographs, names by Johnny Ness.

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