Thursday, 30 January 2014

Gauteng Mini Golden Reunion

At the end of 1963, the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, ceased to exist resulting in an exodus of members from the, then, Royal Rhodesian Air Force, and plans were put into place to increase the number of Technical LAR Courses and in 1964, LAR 15, 16, 17 attested early in 1964 and 18 LAR followed in mid year.

2014 sees the 50th year since these members joined and there is a golden reunion in Cape Town planned for February but the members who reside in Gauteng decided to get together for a mini reunion and celebration at Ken Turner's house.

Roland Charles (15 LAR) attended (he never misses a good party) has kindly made a number of photographs available to ORAFs.

Back L-R: Ken Turner (16LAR), John Pitcher, Rick Wall 
Centre|: Ziggy Jelliman (16LAR), Clive Chard, Mike Faint, Marcus Proome (15LAR), Guest, Ryk de Kok (16LAR) , Roland Charles (15LAR)
Front: Clive Murray, Bruce Pidwell (17LAR), Tubby Milne, Steve Russell, Rob Sweeting 

L-R:  Bill LeRoux, Bruce Pidwell, Ryk de Kok,, Ted Barnard, Ken Turner, Ziggy, Marcus Proome, Roland Charles
(Ted was 16LAR?)

L-R:  Moria Wall, Elaine Sweeting, Dot Murary, Mrs Pitcher, Yvonne de Kok, Pat Milne, Betty Chard, Guest, Liz Faint, Wendy Charles, Sandi Barnard, Charmaine Jelliman.

Ziggy (Norman) Jelliman

Ziggy (Norman) Jelliman at your service


Thanks to Roland for sharing these photographs with ORAFs.

Not many of these fellows ventured North to the Northern Air Force (New Sarum) ad were based in the South (Thorrnhill) so I think it fair to say that Willy McMurdo - Spike (WOBOTOC) Owens and Jim Light would have looked at them all with a favourable smile - wonder how SWO Jimmy Crookes would have loved to have been there.

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Frank Tyrrell and Barney Barnard Luncheon

Frank Tyrrell and Barney Barnard catch-up over lunch on Bribie Island (Just north of Brisbane).

Frank and Keith (Barney) in 1974. Both being 32 LAR entrants

We worked it out to be 30 Years plus since we last had a good old chat and carried on like it was yesterday we spoke. 

Barney and Frank 2014 -
"Where have all the hair cells gone?"
Haven't had a good laugh like that in ages. So many stories came flooding back. Going to make sure we don't leave it for another 30 years!

He's even talked me in to getting on to "Face Book". That sort of stuff could get scary!!
I've attached a couple of photographs....... As you can see we've both been in a good paddock for last few years.

Keep safe, take care,
Regards to all ORAFs
Barney Barnard 

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