Sunday, 24 January 2010

Reunion: 10 SSU

10 SSU commenced their training January 2, 1957 and earned their coveted Wings on August18, 1958 in Royal Rhodesian Air Force.

Peter Petter-Bowyer has made the following photos of the various reunions/celebrations that they have enjoyed over the years.

1958 Left to Right - Ian Law, PB, Gordon Wright, Eric Cary, Murray Hofmeyr, John Barnes,Bill Galloway, Ian Ferguson, Dave Thorne and Keith Corrans.

1976 Ian and Helena Ferguson - Dave and Val Thorne - Ian and Pricilla Law
Keith and Sue Corrans - Murray and Meriel Hofmeyr
Bill and Maureen Galloway - John and Jill Barnes - Peter and Beryl PB
(Gordon and Faith Wright chose not to attend)

2007 at Keith Corrans home.
Note same order from list above from Corrans to PB

2008 - 50th anniversary of Wings - Standing:- Gordon Wright,
Murray Hofmeyr, Bill Galloway, Ian Law.
Sitting :- Keith Corrans, John Barnes, Dave Thorne, PB

Thanks to PB for sharing these memories with ORAFs.



At 18 January 2011 at 12:50 , Blogger Lesley Pyke - Glass Engraving and Life said...

Eric Cary was my uncle.


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