Thursday, 5 August 2010

Visit to Savo

Mike and Yvonne Ongers, Neville Mare, Don Wagner recently visited Savo Mikellides at at his home in Durban.

Mike kindly made these photo of the visit available to ORAFs.

Savo 1
Back - Neville Mare (16 LAR) and Don Wagner (24 LAR)
Front -= Mike Ongers (20 LAR) and Savo (15 LAR)

Savo 2
Mrs. Savo - Don and Savo

Savo 3
Front: Yvonne - Mike and Savo
Back: Neville - Mrs. Savo and Don

Special thanks to Mike, Yvonne, Neville and Don for visiting Savo.
Please pass on the best wishes of all ORAFs to Savo and family
Thanks to Mike for the photos.



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