Monday, 27 September 2010

Cape Air Show 2010

Tony Cowell, Geoff Simpson and André Sely attended the Air Show at Yesterplaat Air Base in Cape Town on September 25, 2010 and Tony writes:-

As usual we walked our legs off but enjoyed chatting to Rob and Jimmy whilst seated at the Goodyear Stand. Rob was visiting from Gauteng and Jimmy from the U.K.

Cape 1
Rob Blumeris - André Sely - Geoff Simpson - Tony Cowell - Jimmy Jamieson

Whilst watching the aerobatic display, we accidentally overheard a conversation between Wing Commander (Zimbabwe Air Force) and a colleague who was a visiting pilot flying the Chinese K8. We chatted and he mentioned that he was based in Thornhill. We mentioned that we had been in the Air force and Geoff, Andre and I had been at both Sarum and Thornhill. He said that if we wanted to visit Thornhill we were to ask for him and he would personally show us around the base for old time sake. A more pleasant chap you couldn't wish to meet.

Steve Bailey made these photos available of the Zimbabwe Air Force aircraft.

Cape 2

Cape 3

Additional photos made available by Tony:-

Cpae 4

Cape 5

Cape 6

Cape 7

Cape 8


Thanks to to Tony and Steve for sharing their photos and memories with ORAFs

Should anyone with to make contact with Eddy Norris then please mail him on

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Kiwi "RV" 2010

John Graham Writes From New Zealand:-

Last Sunday, September 19, 2010, we had a lunch at home at which three former SAS guys were present who had not seen one another for at least 30 years. Fletch Jamieson was visiting New Zealand from Montagu in the Cape, South Africa, staying with Winston Hart and Danny Hartman who lives up the road in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Kiwi RV 1
Fletch, Danny & John

Kiwi RV 2
Danny, Fletch, Winston, John


Thanks to John for sharing his photos and memories with ORAFs.

Danny must be the bravest chap in New Zealand. If you look at his Rugby Jersey you will know why. The game that Rhodesia beat the mighty All Blacks.

Some may not know that Winston was Special Branch and Selous Scouts and the golf shirt he is wearing, above, indicates he was also South African Navy, Operational Diver.

John lives in Te Awamutu, New Zealand

Monday, 20 September 2010

Terry Last Vists Cape Town

Tony Cowell, Writes:-
Just had a visit from Terry Last who was visiting Cape Town from the UK.

Terry Last in Cape Town
Peter Gunning (seated) and Terry Last

Terry attested as a Airframe Fitter with 11 LAR Course in February 1962 and left in 1972 at the end of his 10 year stint.
Peter attested as a Armourer with 12 LAR Course in April 1962 and left in 1972 at the end of his 10 year stint.

End of Message.

ORAFs is uncertain to where Peter resides, he was in Cape Town a few years ago but was thinking of moving to the UK.

We trust that Terry enjoyed his stay in the Cape.

Thanks to Tony for sharing his photo with ORAFs.

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Monday, 13 September 2010

24 LAR Mini Reunion

Three 'A Class' tradesmen from 24 LAR at Jenkies daughters wedding on an island at Vic Falls. (28th Aug, 2010.)

Dave Jenkins Daughters Wedding

The guy on the left spent the week keeping the brides father out of trouble.[ Don Wagner]

When did you last see the smart, well dressed fella in the middle wearing a pink tie ? [Dave Jenkins]

The only youthful looking chap (on the right) forgot his glasses so sadly couldn't sing the hymns ...... or shave. [Rich Palmer]

End of Article

Many thanks to Dave Jenkins for sharing the photo with ORAFs.