Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Christmas Dinner in New Zealand

Danny Hartman Writes:
Last Friday, December 10 2010, we celebrated an early Christmas dinner together as we are all heading for different parts over the festive season.
Attached please find a fine looking group of ladies and the men scrubbed up pretty well too!

Photo 1
L-R Eileen Hartman; Danny Hartman (SAS); Felicity Hart; Winston Hart (BSAP/Selous Scouts); Jackie Kesby; Steve Kesby (RhAF); Wendy Graham; John Graham (SAS)

End of Message

Thanks to Danny for sharing his memories with ORAFs.

Just love those multi-coloured ties

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Pete and Noreen McCabe Visit Cape Town Dec 2010

Pete and Noreen McCabe recently visited Cape Town from Australia. They visited the local "Watering Hole" and André Sely had his camera available and sent in a couple of photos of the special visitors

Photo 1
Ian McCullough (18 LAR) - Pete McCabe (20 LAR) - Dennis Croukamp (RLI & Selous Scouts)

Photo 1
Pam Cowell - Noreen McCabe - Marlene Micklewood

Others that attending were Tony Cowell (17 LAR) , Dick ( 26 LAR) & Caretha Randall, Pete Micklewood (95 Halton) and Greg Todd (24 PTC)

Thanks to André for sharing these memories with ORAFs.

Personal thanks to Peter McCabe for the phone call I got from him, greatly appreciated Peter

From Cape Town, Pete and Noreen headed off to Natal to visit Peters brother and also to meet up with other Air Force members, then they are off to Gauteng and leave to visit their grandchildren in Bali , back to Australia and on the next day Peter heads off to China for work reasons

We hope they enjoyed their stay in South Africa.

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Friday, 3 December 2010

Natal AFA 2010 Year End Social

Prop Geldenhuys, made these photos available to ORAFs, of the Air Force Association (Natal) social at the Durban Wings Club on November 21, 2010

Photo 1
Liz Archibald, Noeleen Green, Joan Stone, Jacqui Kirrane and Brenda Fergusan
- Barbara Barnham, Janet Jackman, Yvonne Ongers, Vern McKelvin and Liz Armitage
- Jill de Beer, Ellie Woolcock, Pat Lockhart, Erica Edward and Rina Geldenhuys

Photo 2
Roy Barnham, Alan Jackman and Dave Stone
- Neville Mare, John Whitehead, Brian McKelvin, Johnny Green and Bruce Edward
- Mike Ongers, Peter Woolcock, Prop Geldenhuys and Eddie de Beer

Photo 3
Alan - Brian - Roy - George
Photo 4
At the Braai

Photo 5
Ellie and Pete
(Pete is the Chairman of the Natal Branch of the AFA)

Photo 6
Brian and Vern

Photo 7
Pete - Bruce - Johnny

Photo 8
Graze Time

Thanks to Prop for sharing his memories with ORAFs.

Rumour has it that Neville Mare went home with a headache - the result of everyone tripping on his hair!

The folk of Natal send the Christmas Greetings to each and everyone of ORAFs.

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Photo 9

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