Thursday, 15 August 2013

Great Ouse Eat (August 2013)

Keith Corrans arranged a lunch meeting on the river Great Ouse in Ely (UK) yesterday.

In the images 67 to 70 from right to left :- Bill Galloway (10 SSU), Maurice (Friend of Keith), Beryl Petter-Bowyer, Keith Corrans (10 SSU), Jenny Hobson, Sue Corrans, Glennis (sister-in-law of Bill Galloway), Jill Barnes, Debbie Petter-Bowyer, John Barnes (10 SSU)
Image : 67

Image : 68

Image : 69

Image : 70

Image : 71

Image : 72

Image 72 right to left :- Maurice, Jill Barnes, Vic Wightman, John Barnes, Hobo Hobson (Brown job), Bill Galloway.

Thanks to Vic for sharing his memories and photographs with ORAFs
Good to see the folk looking so well 
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