Friday, 30 August 2013

Milligan Visit to UK

By Kevin Milligan (RhAF)

I really loved the recent video on the Hawker Hunter. Excellent, Saw one flying at Eastbourne Air Show recently  and it certainly brought back memories of a lovely aircraft. We were so fortunate to have them. 

When I was in UK recently I visited Newark Air museum which has a great collection of aircraft and amongst them  a Vulcan from 44(Rhodesia) Squadron.

I was like a dog with two tails when I was given the opportunity to play in a Jaguar fighter cockpit.
They also have a Hastings Transport which the original Rhodesian PJIs would have jumped when qualifying at Abingdon.

I also had a guided tour of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight at RAF Coningsby which was very interesting  especially as I witnessed several Eurofighter Typhoons taking off and roaring (and I mean roaring) around as they  are based there. I then saw the BBMF and a Typhoon in action at the Eastbourne Air Show. Terrific.

Whilst in UK I took the opportunity to meet up with Carlos Gomes a fellow PJI as he was over in UK on holiday. I had not seen him since 1981. It was great to meet up with him and his wife Fiona after all these years. He is now  working in Nigeria. We had a smashing braai including many stories along with Brenda and Alan Sparkes, good  riends from Mashonaland Sky Diving days. (Even had Boererwors - don't get much of that in Ireland!). He sends  his regards to all. 

Carlos and Kevin
Fiona - Carlos - Kevin - Brenda Sparkes

Also met up with Charlie Aust and Paul French who are in good form. Coincidentally Mick McKenna (LT Col., RAR) visited Charlie too whilst I was in Grantham.

Carlos readies the braai - whatever happened to the good old half drum I wonder?

Vulcan Tail showing 44 (Rhodesia) Sqn emblem Vulcan with "Stand Off Bomb"
Kevin in the Jaguar cockpit
Dam Buster Bomb
Hasting Transport
Lancaster - one of only two flying - other in Canada 
Lancaster Tail Turret
God Bless and take care
Blue skies


Thanks to Kevin for sharing his photographs and memories with ORAFs.

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