Sunday, 7 February 2010

Gauteng ORAFs Social

A Bring 'n Braai was held at the Dickie Fritz M.O.T.H. Shellhole, in Edenvale, Johannesburg, on Saturday, January 31st ,2010

L-R: Cyril Ziehl, B.J., B.J., Ryk de Kok, Ken Turner, Roland Charles,
Geoff Dartnall, Clive Dutton, Johnny Valentine, Hugh Mc Dulling, B.J., B.J., Rob Sweeting,

Sitting/kneeling. Bert May, Bruce Harrison, Jerry Tasker, Fynn Marcussen, Wally Ferreira, Frans Fyfer

B.J. = Brown Job.
Johnny Valentine is George Merrimans (A/Force) brother & was a B.J.
Wally Ferreira is a member of Dickie Fritz Shellhole, his son (Wayne) was on 7 and now living in Paarl
Footnote by ORAFs
Geoff Dartnall (with headgear was on holiday from Zimbabwe) we trust he is having a enjoyable holiday
ORAFs believes Fyn Marcussen was living in Durban so not certain if he was on holiday or now residing up in Johannesburg.
If anyone can help with the missing names please mail with the details.
The photo has many "Menders" present and one can only assume that the "Benders" must have been bending things elsewhere? Others might say there was a lot of "Power" here but no "Air"

Thanks to Roland Charles for sharing his memories with ORAFs.



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