Monday, 11 October 2010

AFA (UK) Reunion

On 25th September 2010, and arising from recommendation by Tom and Jane Chalmers, the AFA in UK met at South Witham Hall. We were joined there by the McClurgs from Natal and Peter Cowan from Madeira. It was a small gathering (49) though very successful, thanks to the organising efforts of the Chalmers. Those attending were:

John and Jill Barnes, Terry Bennett, Ken Bowie, Tom and Jane Chalmers, Keith and Sue Corrans, Peter Cowan with son Peter, Ian and Jenny Cruikshank, Bill Donaldson, Eddie and Cecile Flawn with son Tim, Bill and Maureen Galloway, Bill and Charmaine Gregory, Cedric and Pauline Herbert, (Brown Jobs) Hobo and Jenny Hobson, Wally and Lorraine Joyce, Peter and Helen McClurg, Paddy Gleeson, Rod Packer, Dave and Dayle Panton, Peter and Beryl Petter-Bowyer, Ed and Pauline Pietersen, Richard Proctor, Cliff Potter, Betty, Allan and Eleanor Ramsay, Dennis and Mary Read, Ginger Scatcherd, Stan Stanford, Rusty, Shirley and Sarah Theobald, Vic and Shirley Wightman,
Ron and Harriett Stevens.

These group shots were taken with Rod Packer’s camera. The first is of those who actively served in the RhodAF and the second is of family and friends.

Photo 1

Back Row: Stan Stanford, Paddy Gleeson, Ken Bowie, Peter Cowan,
Pauline (Rawnsley) Pietersen, Lorainne (Moss) Joyce, Keith Corrans,
Ian Cruickshank, Allan Ramsay, Bill Donaldson, Cedric Herbert,
Terry Bennett, Bill Gregory

Middle Row: Dave Panton, Ron Stevens, Dennis (Ginger) Read,
Eddie Flawn, Cliff Potter, PB, Ginge Scatcherd, Bill Galloway,
Peter McClurg

Front Row: Tom Chalmers, Wally Joyce, Vic Wightman, John Barnes,
Rusty Theobald, Rod Packer

Photo 2

Back row: Hobo Hobson, Harriet Stevens, Cecile Flawn, Charmaine Gregory,
Helen McClurg, Mary Read, Pauline and Ed Pietersen, Lorraine Joyce, Maureen Galloway,
Sue Corrans, Jill Barnes, Eleanor Ramsay, Jenny Cruikshank, Peter Cowan (Jnr)

From row: Beryl Petter-Bowyer, Jenny Hobson, Jane Chalmers,
Shirley Theobald, Pauline Herbert, Shirley Wightman, Betty Ramsay,
Dayle Panton

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Thanks to Peter and Rod for making these photos and memories available to ORAFs.

Anyone wishing to contact Eddy Norris are requested to mail him on


At 13 October 2010 at 20:19 , Blogger Rhodesia Remembered said...

Tubby Andersen asks:-

Just a quick comment about the photograph. I cannot but wonder how those old buggers got onto the floor all neatly in a row and unless they are still there how did they get up and home?


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