Thursday, 21 October 2010

Canada October 2010

Bill Teague Writes:-

On Saturday (16th) we had a bunch of ex Rhodesians around for lunch and a get together. You may recognise some of them?? A lot of memories and nostalgia ensued.

Canada Oct 2010

From the left; Trish d'Hotman, late husband was Bob, RRAF; Ivan Holshausen, RRAF;
Adrienne Elliot, formerly Roughhead (Alec Roughead was RRAF & KOAS Canberra accident);
Allan Schrag, SAS; Bill Teague, SAAF; and Darrel Elliot. (I think a Rhodesian civilian)

End of Message

Trish and Ivan are visiting Canada from South Africa (Natal)
The balance are all resident in Vancouver, Canada.

Thanks to Bill for making this photo and memories available to ORAFs.

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