Thursday, 10 March 2011

Johnny Moore Visits Harare

Clive Ward (RhAF) Writes:-

Here are a couple of photos of a small gathering held at my house in Harare for Johnny Moore (32 PTC) and his new wife Gilda, in March 2011.

They are here from Mocambique visiting Gilda's sister, Angela Barnard who was Angela Cross ex Air HQ Salisbury. Also in attendance were Gaye and Spider Webb (Direct Entry Pilot), Mick (25 PTC) and Elsie Delport (RWS RhAF) and my wife Louise and I.

A great time was had by all with me shovelling Johnny into his car at 3am!

Photo 1
Johnny Moore - Spider Webb - Mick Delport - Clive Ward
Photo 2
Johnny Moore - Gilda Moore - Spider Webb - Mike Deiport - Clive Ward
Gaye Webb - Elsie Delport - Louise Ward

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Thanks to Clive (25 PTC) for sharing his photos and memories with ORAFs.

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At 10 March 2011 at 12:11 , Blogger Rhodesia Remembered said...

Tony Trethowan (BSAP) Writes

It has been a while but I have had contact in one form or another with Johnny , Spider and Clive . Johnny brother (have forgotten his name) I was on Ops with in the Gatooma area , Spider the Dakota crash in a dam in (I think) Darwendale when I was a rookie diver with the BSAP sub aqua section - although I was not allowed to attend the scene and Clive from happy days and flights with Casallee and the company aircraft. Regards to all.


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