Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Cape AFA Christmas 2010 Dinner

The members of the Cape Air Forces Association held their Christmas dinner at the Galley Restaurant on the Fish Hoek Beach in Cape Town on the December 4, 2010. Reports indicate a fine time was had by all and the food was great.

Andre Sely and Tony Cowell sent in these photos from the event. Thanks guys

Table 1l
Left Column: Johnny Ness - Penny Ness - Mrs (?) Holmes - Mike Holmes
Right Column: Unknown - Gregg Todd - Unknown

Table 2
Left Column: Caretha Randall - Angelia Lewis - Norman Lewis
Right Column: Dennis Croukamp - Dick Randall - Archie Watt - Lynn Watt

Table 3
Left Column: Lynn Watt - Des Ferguson - Penny Ness
Right Column: Angelia Lewis - Pam Cowell - Marlene Micklewood
Table 3 Palmers
Rich Palmer - Tan Palmer - Alan Ferguson - Des Ferguson
Table 4
Left Column: Tess du Toit - John Bulpitt- Claire Jeffreys - Alan Jeffreys
Right Column: Tony Cowell - Pam Cowell- Marlene Micklewood - Pete Micklewood

Penny & Mrs Holmes
Penny Ness - Mrs. (?) Holmes

Grp 5
Front Table
Claire Jeffreys - Johnny Ness - Penny Ness - Mrs. (?) Holmes
Those heads in the front I do not not know but the one on your right could be Archie Watt

Grp 4
Peter Micklewood and Alan Jeffreys

Grp 3
Gregg Todd - Unknown - Alan Ferguson
A few group photos follow and I am not going to identify anyone in them other than
Andre Sely who is hardly in a photos as he is always busy taking them for the AFA.

Grp 2
Man in the middle with right hand extended and talking to Caretha Randall is Andre.

Grp 1


Hope you enjoyed seeing friends of time gone by .
Eddy Norris

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