Tuesday, 27 December 2011

AFA (Natal) December 2011

The AFA (Air Forces' Association of Zimbabwe)held there 2011 end of year bring and braai at the Durban Wings Club.

Following photos were made available by Prop Geldenhuys, Neville Mare and names provided by Neville Mare and Dave (Unk) Stone. Thanks to them all.

Bobby Knott was on holiday from England and Rob Sweeting is currently on contract work in Durban from Gauteng.

1, AFA (Natal) Xmas 2011
Those attending the braai.

9, AFA (Natal) Xmas 2011
Pete Woolcock giving his talk.
Seems as if Johnny Green is trying to catch the attention of the Barman
Bobby Knott patiently waiting for a cold one

6, AFA (Natal) Xmas 2011
Left: Mike Ongers - Lofty Hughes - Norma Hughes
Right: Neville Mare - John Whitehead - Yvonne Ongers

4, AFA (Natal) Xmas 2011
Front: Guy Pearce - Noleen Green
Middle: Joan Stone
Back: Pete and Ellie (with the shades) Woolcock

2, AFA (Natal) Xmas 2011
Pete Woolcock - Neville Mare

4, AFA (Natal) Xmas 2011
Left: Dave (Unc) Stone - Guy Pearce - Neville Mare
Right: Pat Lockhart - Johnny Green - Pete Woolcock

5, AFA (Natal) Xmas 2011
Elaine Sweeting - Dave Stone

3, AFA (Natal) Xmas 2011
Durban Wings Club.


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