Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mike and Liz Faint Visit to Gauteng (2012)

By Rob Sweeting
Here some photographs of the troops and ladies that came out to meet Mike Faint on his Holiday from the UK. We had a few beers and Braai, and went down pretty well.

Faint1, Mike and Liz Faint in Gauteng in Jan 2012

· Ken Turner and Jean
· Ted Barnard and Sandie
· Ryk De – Cock Yvonne
· Roland Charles Wendy
· Mike Faint Liz
· Steve Russel Titch
· Clive Chard Betty
· Rob Sweeting Elaine

Faint2, Mike and Liz Faint in Gauteng 2012

Thanks to Rob for sharing these photographs and memories with ORAFs.

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