Sunday, 11 November 2012

BBQ 11th Nov 2012 Brisbane

By Clive McLauchlin

 Trevor Booth, Bob Woodley, Doug Sinclair, Nigel Fotheringham, Bernie Collocott, Mike Peake, Clive McLauchlin,
Sitting: Hedley Giles, Ron Jarman.

 Left front to rear, Maggie Collocott, Jean Fletcher, June Giles, Sandy Peake
Right: Gail Woodley, Beryl McLauchlin, Denise Reid (Palmer

Same as  above photograph but add Pat Jarman,
Regret missed Jackie Sinclair in both shots.

The venue for the get together was the same as the last time in July, I.e.

 Palm Lake Resort
 29-71 High Rd

We all, well almost all, enjoy our sadza and gravy., well thanks to Bernie and Doug, for that, and Bob for the ever popular biltong.


Thanks to Clive for sharing his photographs and memories with ORAFs.

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