Sunday, 11 November 2012

New Zealand ORAFs November 2012 Gathering

 By John Pringle

A gathering of NZ based ORAFs took place earlier this afternoon (Sunday 11 November) and while the numbers were a little down on previous years, we made up with quality rather than the quantity of people.

Held in the historic Observation Post, beer was quaffed, stories were swapped and most of the food on the braai was consumed with relish. Welcome visitors were Hoffy and Meriel Hofmeyr representing Zimbabwe.
Rear Row: Moya & John Michalakis, John Pringle, Murray Hofmeyr, Chuck Osborne, Prop Geldenhuys,
Stu McColl.

Front Row: Bernie Pringle, Jane Few, Meriel Hofmeyr, Sue Osborne, Rina Geldenhuys.

Thanks To John for sharing his photograph and memories with ORAFs.

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