Sunday, 12 February 2012

Shumba Taylor and Wally Barton Lunch

Shumba and I spent a wonderful afternoon in Summerland (Canada) with Wally Barton. Readers might know that Wally Barton farmed tobacco in Centenary East and was a PRAW pilot. We had an exceptional lunch, (Wally raised the lamb), and we met his daughter Gill, who is married to ex Umtali resident Dennis Brown, we also met Wally's grandson Daniel, whom is pursuing an aviation career following in his granddad's footsteps. Wally also mentioned he flew the Mosquitoes during WW2.

Wally regaled many a fond Rhodesian memory, and I certainly hope that Wally writes into ORAFs with a story about rescuing sandwiches and cokes after being shot down. It was lovely to sit and chat and remember places and names and both he and Shumba knew a lot of the same people. Shumba says unlike many, Wally is one of the few who could still fit into his camouflage kit !!!! It was super to see some of Wally's photos of his PRAW plane and farm.

Shumba and I have plans to have Wally over in the summer for a braai and sadza - and will send an update then.

Taylor-Barton, Lunch in Summeland, Canada in Feb 2012
left to right- Shumba Taylor - Daniel Brown - Gill Brown - Wally Barton


Thanks to Denise for sharing her memories with ORAFs.

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