Sunday, 24 January 2010

Reunion: 10 SSU

10 SSU commenced their training January 2, 1957 and earned their coveted Wings on August18, 1958 in Royal Rhodesian Air Force.

Peter Petter-Bowyer has made the following photos of the various reunions/celebrations that they have enjoyed over the years.

1958 Left to Right - Ian Law, PB, Gordon Wright, Eric Cary, Murray Hofmeyr, John Barnes,Bill Galloway, Ian Ferguson, Dave Thorne and Keith Corrans.

1976 Ian and Helena Ferguson - Dave and Val Thorne - Ian and Pricilla Law
Keith and Sue Corrans - Murray and Meriel Hofmeyr
Bill and Maureen Galloway - John and Jill Barnes - Peter and Beryl PB
(Gordon and Faith Wright chose not to attend)

2007 at Keith Corrans home.
Note same order from list above from Corrans to PB

2008 - 50th anniversary of Wings - Standing:- Gordon Wright,
Murray Hofmeyr, Bill Galloway, Ian Law.
Sitting :- Keith Corrans, John Barnes, Dave Thorne, PB

Thanks to PB for sharing these memories with ORAFs.


Saturday, 23 January 2010

Army Lunch in Kloof (South Africa)

Terry Griffin Writes:-

A lunch held at Stokers Arms in Kloof on 22 Jan with Gen Hickman as guest, whilst on holiday here.

Back L/R: Ian Bell , Robin Tarr , Prof Richard Wood , Tom Davidson ,
Mick Mc Kenna , Bruce Rooken - Smith , Dave Mc Laren , Terry Griffin.
Front : Tony Bent , Pete Maunder , Gen Hickman , Tony de Bruyn.

Thanks to Terry Griffin for sharing his photo and memories with ORAFs.


Reunion: Brisbane (Australia)

Clive and Beryl McLaughlin at the Umtali High Schools Centenary Reunion in Brisbane on September 12 2009.
(Clive was a Direct Entry MT Technician.)

The reunion was to celebrate the Schools centenary.

Click Here to visit a website of interest on Umtali.

Thanks to Ray Thorne for sharing his photo and memories with ORAFs.


Reunion: New Zealand

John Pringle Writes:-
Greetings from New Zealand! Sunday 15 November, 2009 saw a gathering of ORAFs at “The Lookout” in Kennedy park on Auckland’s North Shore. The venue is part of an historic WWII defensive installation that has been carefully restored by the local council. Having declared ourselves to be an organization of elderly ex-military comrades, we get to hire the facilities at peppercorn rates!

In spite of some cancellations due to work demands and some rather grey weather, twelve of us (augmented by the Mawhinney extended family) had a very happy day. Plenty beer flowed, lots of rolls of "wors" cremated, and many stories were told.

The weather managed to clear sufficiently for the obligatory group photo, so from left to right:

John (23 PTC) and Moya Michalakis, Dennis (16 LAR) and Marilyn Eltringham, Jane and Blake(18 PTC) Few, Bob (17LAR) and Jan Hattle,
Bernie and John (11 LAR) Pringle, Pat and Dennis (26 LAR) Mawhinney.

Thanks to John Pringle for sharing his photo and memories with ORAFs.

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Friday, 22 January 2010

Reunion: Napier (South Africa)

On the 29th December, 2009 two men with black leather lumber jackets arrived at our home in Napier (South Africa) on their B.M.W. motor cycles (beautiful machines )and they taken a ride out from Cape Town and would be returning to Cape Town via Hermanus
We enjoyed a cuppa and Brian his usual coke and a good chat and then they left.

Thanks to Alan and Brian for the visit.

Alan Ferguson - Trisha Norris - Brian Daykin and Eddy Norris

Alan was 17 LAR
Brian was 19 LAR
Eddy was direct entry

Thanks to Alan for the photo.


Thursday, 21 January 2010

Reunion: Durban (South Africa)

Prop Geldenhuys Writes:-

I was at the German Club (ex-Shamwari/German) where the SAS Regiment was having their meeting. Herewith some pics which I am sure some of the ORAFs readers would enjoy.

Tol Janeke - Prop Geldenhuys - Hugh Slatter - Harold Griffiths (Griff)

SAS tee-shirts with the message

Griff in discussion with Graham Wilson - GCV SCR BCR
GCV (Grand Cross for Valour ,Rhodesia) - SCR (Silver Cross of Rhodesia
BCR (Bronze Cross of Rhodesia)

Hugh Slatter in discussion with George Galbriath

Tol Janeke was 11 SSU (Short Service Unit)
Harrold Griffiths was 15 PTC (Pilot Training Course)
Hugh Slatter and Prop Geldenhuys were 16 PTC
Graham Wilson and George Galbraith were SAS (Special Air Service)

Thanks to Prop Geldenhuys for sharing his photos and memories with ORAFs.